Green Statement

Wolf & Rita has the utmost respect for the environment and ecological matters are very important to us.

At Wolf & Rita we always try to have the greenest production either in fabrics or in energy issues, so we are committed to environmental control and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. We prefer to use recycled and recyclable products where plastics have to be used. We encourage the use of recycled products for our packaging services and we utilize non-plastic products wherever possible.

This principle is reflected through our product design, which focuses not only on aesthetics but also on ecological concerns. We also aim at conserving energy, water, and other natural resources. With a dedicated compliance with all environmental regulations, we strive to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products. Whenever possible, we prefer to work with a close bound to the local community.

All the fabrics and trimmings we use, such as labels, buttons and thread, are bought and produced by companies located within a 50km distance from our company.
Our labels and other material are produced by a local charity organization that gives home and support to children in need.
All our workers are employed locally and live within a 30km distance from the company.

Wolf & Rita follows and respects all the European Work Standards and Policies.