Green Statement

Sustainability means care and respect both for our planet and for those living in it: making better products, sourcing better materials, using better production methods, choosing less wasteful products and packaging, and ensuring everyone on our supply chain is treated with respect and dignity.

Since the beginning we have tried to use organic certified fabrics whenever possible. We have started to include recycled and renewable materials and fibres and we are also upcycling fabrics from our own previous collections and other leftovers from our production unit.

We have installed solar panels in our offices and production unit and they are now providing for almost half of our energy needs. On one month alone our CO2 savings, around 900kg, are the equivalent to a 3500km car ride.

Our offices and production unit are also equipped with energy efficient LED lights, using 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and lasting more than 25 times longer.

We are doing our best to save water and ensure that everything possible is recycled (that means fabric, paper, plastic, glass and metal as well as light bulbs and batteries).

We are partnering with DHL's GOGREEN Climate Neutral scheme, so that not only we reduce our carbon footprint, we also make a corresponding contribution to a climate protection project for every order we send.

The bags we use (and re-use over and over again) are produced less than 15min from our office. They are entirely made from recycled plastic, 80% of which were PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials.

Our workers are employed locally and 98% of them live within a 10Km distance. We want to have a positive impact on those that work with us, most of which since the brand was founded, providing them fair wages and health care insurance, fostering new skills and hopefully creating a rewarding and fulfilling workplace.

We work with a local charity, that gives shelter and support to children in need, to print our stationary, cards, labels and smaller publications.

We are as local as we can, our suppliers are our neighbours and we are proud to present the tag “100% Made in Portugal”.

As a brand, we are doing our best to have a positive impact for everyone involved in the making of our products as well as the environment. And by doing so, we hope to be contributing to a more sustainable future. It is a lifetime commitment. Hope you join us.