We are proud to be local. And we are not alone. José de Guimarães is a Portuguese artist, born in 1939, who went out to adopt his (ours) native hometown name. Chance and his passion for different cultures have him travelling the world and collecting artefacts and artistic objects from different places such as Angola, China or Mexico. An “artist-collector”, José de Guimarães has been inspired by these objects and cultures, continually reinterpreting and rethinking them in his work.


This season we were most fortunate to be able to work with José de Guimarães’ estate and also to photograph at the amazing contemporary art center, CIAJG, located in Guimarães and which holds his name and private collection. In Rêveries de l’Artiste we tried to honour his creative use of colours and bold graphics, even if it is just a small peek into the wonderful and unique universe of José de Guimarães’ ouevre.