Have you heard THE KIDS? Maybe you know them as THE KIDS UNDERGROUND or THE UNDERGROUND KIDS? Ever heard of them? Despite the many different tales and attempted biographies, all that there is, is a mythical demo tape, probably recorded in a home studio but with a line up of classic songs full of that raw energy of garage rock, with complex, lyrical solo lines that recall both jazz and pop. With angular rhythms and fluid leads, these songs are an exquisite mix of pure pop and abrasive sonics. Wildly eclectic!


Posters of their concerts can be found but no one knows for sure when or where, if ever, they took place. These posters are a collector’s delight as they incorporate eighties’ pop imagery and back stage parties and pool lounging photos. The band and crew are portrayed wearing frayed denim jackets, animal prints, large abstract patterns, bold stripes and bright colours like green, orange and pink, so popular in the eighties. One must wonder, are THE KIDS truly an underground phenomenon or just a well pulled stunt for a rock band that really never existed? Their name and the music attributed to them will forever be surrounded in this aura of enchantment and ambiguity, between truth and fiction, fuelling everlasting fascination and allure across all publics. And we bet that, to this day, any kid listening to their demo will go on to start his own band!